Hanover & Wolverhampton Link Organisation Project (HWLOP)

Introduction to the Project Themes

The HWLOP project is a powerful multi-concept idea, which has endless possibilities.

Therefore the organisation has concentration on four main project themes, which are Agriculture, Education, Health & Social-Cultural. These four themes are design to rally everyone around one central idea of developing a new generation to socio-economical development, even though their are separate area of importance.

Agricultural Projects

HWLOP Agricultural Projects are aimed at educating everyone from the young to very old. Agriculture

Showing them the opportunities for creating an awareness of the agriculture within the wider community.

In addition to sharing, exchanging growing processes & techniques with communities both in United Kingdom and Caribbean. It is also designed to enlighten the general public to the possibility of urban agricultural within the build up areas.

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Educational Programs

The education programmes by HWLOP offer's young people a chance to develop there abilities. Education

Which will enable each students to recognise and respect their elders as well as the wider community with global learning opportunities by exchanging of ideas between schools in United Kingdom and Caribbean

These educational learning opportunities are focus on models of excellence to create and inspire each students.

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Social & Cultural

Keep up-to-date with activities and events happening within the yearly calendar of HWLOP. Social Cultural Theme

The Social & Cultural theme is to organise a varied program of social events & activities sets out to increase members and get to know each other better and to introduce new people.

Social Events are not only a good way to raise money, they are also an excellent way to help to ensure that recordings of oral histories are documented and displayed for future generation.

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Healthy Living

A balanced diet and regular exercise are the keys parts to a healthy lifestyle. Health Theme

However, health living should be viewed from a holistic perspective acknowledging that imbalance in any one aspect will affect the whole balance.

To be effective in achieving this, members of society need to be empowered with knowledge and develop skills to combat the issues that threaten our health and stability.

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