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Brazil in Our Environment

The University of Wolverhampton has welcomed hundreds of academic visitors throughout the year to work together on exciting research and developments to help other countries.


Visitors from Brazil have made the most of their time here working with the Faculty of Science and Engineering... Professor Antonio Guerra and Maria Jorge have been working with the Univeristy since January and are currently on visit from the Federal University of Rio de Janiero (UFRJ).

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Brownfield Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC)

HWLOP and BRIC have teamed up to refurbish brown-fields and bring life to previously industrialised land.

Brownfield Research and Innovation Centre

BRIC is a new initiative from the University of Wolverhampton which was engineered to reuse land that was previously occupied by factories and other industrial sites. HWLOP ,which has similar goals worked with BRIC in helping replant and prepare the brown-fields in its allotment.

BRIC Report

HWLOP Jerk & BBQ Cookout was a Overwhelming Success

We’ve taken our passion for growing delicious food to the next level, By offering a spectacular selection of backyard jerk and barbecue favourites.

HWLOP Jerk & BBQ Cookout

HWLOP members and families were invited to a free Jerk & BBQ Cook-out in July at Springfield Allotments to enjoy food and learn about community initiative & programmes .

It's important our community finds out, what we do and how we can work together to make local community better.

2016 Jerk & BBQ Cookout Pictures

HWLOP Bingo Party in March 2016 was a great success

Bingo Party was wild and definitely wonderful night that combines a bingo atmosphere of Socialising.

Bingo Party

It's exploded in popularity over the last few years and amassed a legion of members and fans who adore number calling & incredible prizes.

Bingo is a whole lot of a fun, therefore you should involve your friends, family and let them help you in the next game of Bingo.

2016 Bingo Party Pictures

Woden School Agricultural Project

HWLOP designed an urban agricultural programme for the school children at Springfield road allotments. Woden School Agricultural

HWLOP agricultural project in collaboration with Woden Primary School and University of Wolverhampton.

Designed a programme to teach children about growing methods of fruit, vegetable and plants. The children are shown how to analyse the soil for testing, labelling, planting and maintenance of the plants.

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Hanover & Wolverhampton Link Organisation Project in Jamaica

HWLOP teamed up with Landcare Australia to exchange ideas and knowledge in the Caribbean.Hwlop Events

HWLOP along with Landcare Australia and University of Wolverhampton was invited to the Caribbean (Jamaica) for them to setting up a landcare project as well as promote small business development between the United Kingdom and Caribbean.

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