Woden Primary School Project

Springfield Road Allotment Project 2015

The Agriculture Theme is to promote urban agriculture in town and cities also to create and stimulate learning for local schools and communities.

Hwlop Agricultural Project

Hanover & Wolverhampton Link Organisation Project in collaboration with woden Primary School and Wolverhampton University in urban growing.

Springfield Road Allotment Project

This project is aims to develop, share and exchange the growing processes with schools and communities all over the world.

The children get to know the soil, by testing, percolator test, worm testing and Ph test while recording the results. The next part of the process is to plant the seeds while labelling and measuring the distance of the plants.

Phase One

Springfield Road Allotment Project

The first Phase is demonstrate to the children how to maintain the land, identifty weeds, more planting, experiment plot corn and Banana Mat.

The children will learn the maintenance of weeding, watering and recording of growth of the corn patch. Also feeding of plants with compost tea while taking more recording.

Phase Two

Springfield Road Allotment Project

The final process for the children is to keep watering and maintain the fields before harvesting by weeding feeding then crops.

Creating compost heating system for the green house, plot maintenance of compost bins and the poly tunnel was a great execise for the children to learn and complete.

Emancipation Day at the allotment is the day when the children can show off there harvest to the general public

Project Evaluation

After analysing the results for the experiment of planting and growing crops on a Banana Mat or not. the children have shown that you can grow produce in a urban evironment.