HWLOP Background

Background to Hanover & Wolverhampton Project

During the late 40’s and early 50’s England saw an influx of people from the Caribbean. On the ship SS Windrush, (which docked in Tilbury in 1948), saw 450 passengers disembark and dispersed amongst the cities of England.

In early 50’s Wolverhampton was graced with the presence of 110 people from the Caribbean, the majority of those came from the parish of Hanover in Jamaica. Social events

Hanoverians still make up the majority of African Caribbean’s in Wolverhampton.

With this in mind Hibiscus Housing Association and other like-minded organisations felt it was important to recognise the contribution made to the City of Wolverhampton by these individuals.

The organisations decided to setup a project to create a legacy for those present and future.

Hanover Parish

Hanover received it’s name from the British Monarch George I, Who came from the House of Hanover in Germany in November 1723.illiam-Alexander-Clarke-Bustamante Social events

In 1834 after emancipation Hanover provided the majority of produce for the rest of Jamaica. Lucea it’s capital was said to be a more busy town than that of Montego Bay.

In the centre of Lucea stands a clock tower, which was installed in 1817. The Clock Tower was originally destined for St.Lucia (Caribbean), due to inappropriate paperwork it ended up in Lucea.

Hanover was the birth place of The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, one of Jamaica’s seven national Heroes.

Wolverhampton City

Wolverhampton can trace is multi-cultural history all the way back to 985AD. King Aethelred (The Ready) gave land at the time known as Heathtune to lady Wulfruna. Wolverhampton has had a very interesting history.

* The longest standing MP Charles Pelham Villiers was a MP from 1835 – 1898

* In 1891 due to serious out-break of influenza there was a shortage of coffins

* Gut Motors manufactured plated cars to protect the Royal Family and Winston Churchill in World War II.

* Wolverhampton was the first place to have automated traffic lights

* Wolverhampton received City Status in 2000


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