Pictures of Hwlop Working in Jamaica

  • Mayor Town Hall

    Mayor Town Hall

    Mayor Town Hall in Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica
  • Jamaican Councillor

    Group Photo

    Meeting with the Jamaican Councillor
    Mr Hamilton
  • Australia Landcare

    Australia Landcare

    Rob youl, Josh Johnson and Mayor Macintosh in the town hall in Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica
  • MikeFullen


    Professor Fullen with Tony Moodie planting
  • Trevor Farm

    Trevor Farm

    Mrs Gold his helping demonstrate
    how to plant on Trevor farm in Westmoreland.
  • Poly-tunnel


    Knockalva students showing how
    the Poly-Tunnel works to hwlop
  • Field of Cabbage

    Field of Cabbage

    Trevor showing to the students of knockalva his cabbage patch in Westmoreland.
  • Going for Breakfast

    Going for Breakfast

    Second morning in Jamaica, all of the
    traveller are heading down the hill to
    Tony Moodie for breakfast.
  • Rusea High School

    Rusea High School

    The workshop that was provide by
    hwlop at Rusea High School.
  • Rusea High School

    Rusea High School

    The teacher provide assist to the
    student at Rusea High School.