Educational Theme

The education theme is to focus on models of excellence that has been achieved in each community and to create and inspire each students/communities with global learning opportunities.

Knockalva School

Knockalva School Built in 1860 this Great House, in the parish of Hanover.

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Now home to many students who are pursuing a career in the agricultural sector. With its manicured lawn and expansive view, Knockalva consists of; agronomy, pig, poultry, and dairy-farming as ‘practicals’ while chemistry, physics, biology, agricultural business, math and English are the ‘theories’ taught. There are also mechanics and welding classes. Knockalva also has expanded its’ curriculum over the years.

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Student Exchange

Exchange Students

Hwlop exchange students program will develop self-confidence, leadership skills,knowledge and a greater understanding of the complexities of the world around them. An hwlop exchange student will show a commitment to understanding other people and country with its language and culture.

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